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Dear friends,
in my quest for finding you a good place to stay in a zone where there are dozens of hotels and other different possibilities beginning in hostels of about 20 euros by night and ending in 5 stars hotels that give you the wonderful opportunity of staying there for more than 1100 euros a night, I discovered the Colónia Balnear de o Século.
It was a precious finding, if you want my opinion.
Colónia Balnear Infantil de o Século is a former summer camp for children.
Being a summer camp it’s a huge space and you just have to walk through an underground passage to be at the beach where you have some bars and restaurants.
Here is the information that they gave me:
Dormitories (6) with 12 bunk beds for a total of 24 persons by dormitory, with shared toilet by 17 euros by person
Double interior rooms, without window and shared toilet by 38 euros
Double exterior rooms with TV, AC and shared toilet by 50 euros
Quadruple exterior rooms with 2 bunk beds, TV, AC and shared toilet by 62 euros
Double superior rooms with private toilet, sea view, TV and AC by 66 euros
These prices are for bed&breakfast.
If you want to have dinner there you can order in advance. The price is 5 euros for soup, main dish, salad and fruit of the season.
This, my friends, for these prices, in the high tourist season and in the local area that it is, it’s a robbery my friends.
The dormitories can be a good solution for those of you who have a younger spirit. The double superior rooms are a finding.
My advice is that you reserve as soon as possible because it certainly won’t last much longer.
Contacts: Fundação “O Século”
Av. Marginal, 4350
S. Pedro do Estoril
2765-246 Estoril
Phone: 0351 214649888
email: turismo@oseculo.pt

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Dear friends,
this is the final and definitive information about the accommodation for the PPP Portugal Open.
I discovered for you the Colónia Balnear Infantil de O Século which was a former summer camp for children by the sea shore.
It is a bit more distant from the Sports Complex, but perhaps for some of you it is a good solution. (see previous info)
Besides that I made an agreement with 2 hotels in which the players and those who come for the PPP Portugal Open will have discounts.
I’m referring to the HOTEL ALVORADA where you’ll have single bedrooms for 70 euros and double rooms for 94 euros.
Rua de Lisboa, 3
2765-240 Estoril
Phone: +351 214649860
email; reservas@hotelalvorada.com
Don’t forget to mention when you book your reservation that you come for the PPP Portugal Open to get the promotion.
The other hotel is HOTEL LONDRES where you’ll get a promotion of 15% on the price of the rooms.
Av. Fausto Figueiredo, 279
2765-412 Estoril
Phone: +351 214648300
email reservas: info@hotelondres.com
To obtain the promotion you must enter the website of Hotel Londres – www.hotelondres.pt – reserve online, follow the steps. fill in the area of the promotional code with PPP2022 and it’s done. This promotion will be available between the 29th of June and 6th of July.
Not being possible to have an itinerary that contemplates all the hotels on the way to the Sports Complex, it is of the interest of the players to stay in these hotels, because these are the ones which have the shuttle service.
You must also book the hotel in advance, because this is a tourist area and there is a strong possibility that all the capacity of hosting tourists will be fulfilled at that time of the year.

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From 2 to 5 stars among so many others, with some comments of my one in order to spare you time
HOTEL S. MAMEDE (2 stars) – If you have little money, but close to the beach.
Av. Marginal, 7105, 2765-607 ESTORIL
Phone: + 351 21 4659110 comercial@hotelsmamede.com
HOTEL IBIS LISBOA SINTRA (2 stars) – If you have little money and don’t mind a lot about the location.
Av. Raúl Solnado, 23 23A Mem Martins, 2710-162 SINTRA
Phone: + 351 21 1582730 H3341@ACCOR.COM
HOTEL ESTORIL 7 (3 stars) – Probably the best solution, very close to the sports center. You can walk to the place.
Estrada Nacional 9, 2645-543 ALCABIDECHE
Phone: + 351 21 4608200
P. S. It only opens in April
HOTEL LONDRES (3 stars) – A good solution. Lots of experience in hosting groups, close to the beach.
Av. Fausto Figueiredo, 279, 2765-412 ESTORIL
Phone: + 351 21 4648300 info@hotelondres.com
HOTEL ALVORADA (3 stars) – A good solution. Close to the beach and nearby the Casino, for those who like it.
Rua de Lisboa,3 2765-240 ESTORIL
Phone: + 351 21 4649860 reservas@hotelalvorada.com
HOTEL ESTORIL EDEN (4 stars) – A good solution. Lots of experience in hosting sport groups. Just a few meters above the sea shore and view to the Bay of Cascais.
Av. de Sabóia, 209, 2769-502 ESTORIL
Reservations: + 351 21 4667600
Group/Events Sales: + 351 21 4667600
HOTEL INGLATERRA CHARME & BOUTIQUE (4 stars) – One of the most known hotels in Estoril. Close to the beach and the Casino.
Rua do Porto,1, 2765-271 ESTORIL
Phone: + 351 21 4684461
HOTEL VILA GALÉ ESTORIL (4 stars) – Very close to the beach and the Casino, with a spectacular view to the Bay of Cascais.
Estrada Marginal, 2665-901 ESTORIL
Phone: + 351 21 4648400 estoril@vilagale.com
HOTEL CASCAIS MIRAGE – Just above the sea shore, with the most superbe view to the Bay of Cascais.
Av. Marginal, 8554, 2754-536 CASCAIS
Phone: + 351 0060600 reservations@cascaismirage.com
PALÁCIO ESTORIL HOTEL, GOLF & WELLNESS (5 stars) – If you’re really in the money. Very close to the beach and the Casino.
Rua Particular, 2769-504 ESTORIL
Phone: + 351 21 4648146 reservations@hotelestorilpalacio.pt

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